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Vancouver, WA 98660
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Regional General Manager of the period


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manager OHIO Region

Jimi Dickens

Unit 22444
manager OHIO Region

Jeff Jankovic

manager PACIFIC NW Region

Rosie Valencia

Unit 3163
manager NW Region

Jairo Jovel

Unit 2253
manager WISCONSIN Region

Jamil Thomas

Unit 31027
manager PACIFIC NW Region

Blanca Herrera

Unit 22609

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be a family of great people serving great food to people of the world."

Quick Facts

  • One of the 12 largest Taco Bell franchises in the country
  • 210 stores in eight states
  • Been in existence since 1989
  • Franchisee of YUM! Brands

At Pacific Bells, our mission is “to be a family of great people serving great food to people of the world.” We believe in giving our guests tremendous value, the highest quality and unsurpassed service. We know that hiring the best managers and team members will enable us to meet our guests’ high expectations.

While our products, prices, and other value programs may bring customers to Taco Bell in the first place, it's our people who ultimately give them a reason to return.


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