Employee Spotlight

Internal Development Spotlight!

Soha Othman - General Store Manager

Written by Soha


Soha is a full time student at Clovis Community College. She has been in the restaurant business for quite some time, as she worked in a friend of her father’s restaurant, which she thoroughly enjoyed.


Two years ago, she came to work for us at store #34205 in Fresno, California. She tells everyone it is the best job she has ever had. “Every day and every moment I work there, I smile because of my great team and I love serving my customers”.


Soha started as a crew member and became a shift leader pretty quickly. In August 2018, she was promoted to assistant manager and is now training to become a general store manager. Soha is truly the most down to earth, genuine, and hardworking person you will ever meet.



Internal Development Spotlight!

Angie Palacios - Area Coach, Area 11

Written by Angie


Angie started with Taco Bell Corporation over 30 years ago at the age of 15, as a cashier in Gresham, Oregon.  When she turned 18, she was promoted to a Shift Leader and spent 8 years in that role.  In 1995 she transferred to the Rockwood Taco Bell in Portland, Oregon, where she promoted to the role of Assistant Manager.  Over her time in Rockwood she had the opportunity to run the restaurant without an RGM several times, gaining valuable experience along the way.  She thought about being an RGM during her years in Rockwood but decided to wait until her two little boys were older and she could devote more time and energy to work.


In 2003, Angie and her husband decided to relocate and purchase a house in Battle Ground, Washington, to live in a better school district and area to raise children.  For 8 more years, Angie commuted across the Columbia River to work in Portland.  Finally, in 2011 she decided to leave Taco Bell Corp. and look for something closer to home, and that is when she was hired at Pacific Bells.  She started at the Battle Ground, WA location as an Assistant Manager, and quickly moved up to RGM.  At this time, she reflected on why she took so long to promote, as she loved the RGM role, and the growth and challenges it brought.  During the next 7 years Angie led one of the top teams and top performing restaurant in the Northwest, achieving MTM certification and Elite status twice; she was really a leader in the area!  This summer she left the Battle Ground location to lead the opening of a brand-new restaurant in Vancouver and led a very successful opening.  Finally, in October, she accepted a promotion to Area Coach for Area 11, also in the Vancouver area.


Angie met her husband Anthony at her first Taco Bell in Gresham, OR, back in 1990.  They have been together now for 28 years and are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next year with a Mediterranean Cruise, with added stops in Amsterdam and Barcelona!  She has two boys, Zack and Brendin, both who are out of high school and beginning their school/careers.  In addition, Angie and her husband have recently purchased and new home and will be moving closer to her restaurant span in Vancouver.


Angie is truly a home grown superstar Taco bell Operator, and we look forward to the impact she’ll be making as the Area Coach for Area 11!